In the midst of the pandemic crisis COVID19, Ángel and Diana will remember that they had to make an important decision, and the answer was to continue with their wedding.

Time is fast and sometimes it is more important than less guests and the inconvenience of wearing masks.

The couple chose a comfortable and beautiful place for their celebration La Cala resort. Diana received us in one of her spacious rooms accompanied by her very nice sister-in-law, Rocío, who advised the bride on every detail.

It’s time for make-up and hairdressing, at the hotel’s Spa Stephanie Maire and Eva Bessenyei are waiting for us, who both by attitude and their work left us amazed. Pure concentration and professionalism.

Meanwhile, Ángel prepares for his big day at his parents’ house in Fuengirola. A suit from the firm Protocol, with all its accessories.

Perfectly combed and made up, we went up to the room and started with the bride’s outfit, a Rosa Clará dress in two pieces, a dress and a long one over skirt.

The groom has arrived at the place of the celebration and I come over to greet him while the bride fastens her dress.

We return with Diana and surprise! Her nephew Rodrigo opens the door for us, a very important person for our girlfriend, who is about to finish with all the buttons.

It’s time to go out … when the best man arrives you know it. Their looks say it all.

The arrival of the bride is always one of the most intense and special moments.

The civil wedding was officiated by Diana’s brother and his wife and numerous friends of both the groom and the bride dedicated a few words to them.

The time has come to read the vows and Rodrigo is in charge of wearing the rings.

And while the guests are heading to the cocktail party, it is a perfect time to make a stop with the bride and groom after so much tension, and take some pictures of newlyweds.

For the cocktail and the banquet, we went to the tent that the Hotel La Cala had prepared for us, on top of the golf course.

When dinner time arrives, the bride and groom discover an original seating plan with the theme of Diana’s favorite series “Friends”.

And the banquet runs with the new normal until dawn, with its wedding dance, the classic distribution of gifts to the guests and the cutting of the cake.