Olaya and Jaime have been together for a lifetime and decided to get married in October, everything indicated that it was going to rain … and so it was, but far from spoiling the wedding we got a very original photo report.

Olaya used to do her hair and makeup in Saldaña, in the well-known Monica’s Hairdresser, a great professional who, whenever we have visited her with one of our girlfriends, has collaborated wonderfully with all her patience and good work on our photographic proposals.

While Jaime was preparing in Osorno with his family, where my companion Photographer Verónica de Vicente accompanied them so as not to miss any detail of those beautiful moments prior to the link.

Olaya terminó la peluquería fué a recoger su sencillo y elegante ramo a la Olaya finished the hairdressing salon and went to pick up her simple and elegant bouquet at the Domi Florist. From there we went to VillaSur where her family was waiting for her to help her with the dress, a design by Pronovias.

The time comes to leave, despite the downpour that was falling, the entire town of Villasur did not want to miss seeing the bride leave leaving her father’s arm, through the traditional branch that friends had prepared to decorate the door from your house.

While Jaime arrived at the venue, the imposing Convento de Mave, a Hotel with a very special charm and a staff with excellent attention. Thanks to its good organization, despite the complications of the rain, everything flowed perfectly.otal perfección.

After a while Olaya arrived and we witnessed one of the personally most beautiful moments of weddings: The bride’s entrance to the altar, in which the Convent staff had converted an assembly hall, at the last moment.

the ceremony was full of music, laughter and also the odd tear.

After the rice tradition, we take a few moments to take photographs of the newly married couple in the surroundings of the convent.

Rápido pasamos a la celebración, muy amablemente el personal del Convento nos colocó una mesa en la misma sala para que no nos perdiésemos ni un solo detalle: brindis, regalos, entrega del ramo…

And far from ending with the celebration of the Wedding, a lively party began with a lot of dancing until dawn.