About me

Behind each one of the photos that I see there is a person, with a way of looking, with a way of looking for each story, with values to convey, that is what makes us so different from each of the photographers.

I am Marta Monés, wedding photographer in Malaga, Marbella, Torremolinos … Willing to move to any corner of Spain or the world.

I did not always dedicate myself professionally to photography, but I must say that I have always been passionate about photography, travel and art in general.

It has been several years since I built up my courage and decided to abandon my professional career in the management of the great company to dedicate myself exclusively to doing what really made me feel alive, photography.

It was not easy to start from scratch, I moved to Malaga, a new city, with no acquaintances and no material to show. But I am convinced that when you want to achieve something and put all your effort and dedication into it, the universe is showing you the way to achieve it.

Today I can say it with all my pride, I am a Wedding Photographer.

Why the wedding photography?

It is a question that they usually ask me, and I am very clear about it, I like journalistic photography, moving, looking for the news, the story, the good angle, spontaneity, speed, creativity … a wedding is like an amusement park for everything happens to me, people laugh, cry, hug, get excited, children play and older people have fun. Everything is beautiful, the emotions are close to the skin, the people are happy … and all that goes through the camera and is embedded in your little heart, to the point of laughing if you laugh and crying if you cry.

And most importantly, after each intense and long wedding day I come home happy.

And now that you know a little more about me, do you want to know how I work?